Mission Statement

The Mission of the Florida Traditional Chinese Medicine, Inc. is:

1. To advance the art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine by training qualified practitioners of Oriental medicine.
2. To make a contribution to the healthcare system of the United States through developing the interrelationship of eastern and western medicine.
3. To foster professional excellence through the highest quality education.


1. Provide our students with a high-quality comprehensive curriculum, educational experience, and a learning environment that will enable them to become competent, knowledgeable Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians.

2. Integrate didactic and practical training to reinforce classroom knowledge with actual experience.

3. Develop and institute guidelines for assuring educational effectiveness. Provide our students a qualified training program to meet the requirements of the National Certification Examination, and the Florida State Board of Acupuncture Licensing Examination.

4. Integrate Traditional Chinese Medical knowledge and understanding with appropriate Western Medical knowledge to facilitate a synergistic and effective medical service.

5. Provide licensed acupuncture physicians with Continuing Education classes to further advance their knowledge and skills.

6. Promote education and the administrative operation of our school in conjunction with the high standards set by our accrediting bodies and the Department of Education of the State of Florida.


Educational Objectives

Upon graduation, the students of the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine shall:

  1. Have completed a program of 2082 didactic hours of classroom education, and 800 hours of clinical training education.
  2. Be familiar with the fundamental concepts and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their application to clinical practice.
  3. Have the ability to perform skilled physical assessment utilizing the “four examinations” of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  4. Have the ability to make appropriate diagnoses based on the differentiation of a patient’s condition according to the etiology,  pathogenic factors, eight principles, six channels, four levels, three burners, channels and collaterals, qi, blood, body fluid, and zang-fu.
  5. Be able to plan and perform appropriate, safe, and effective treatments utilizing acupuncture techniques, tuina, Chinese herbal medicine, and auxiliary treatment modalities (diet, medicinal meals, meditation, therapeutic exercises, lifestyle, and TCM health philosophy).
  6. Have the ability to diagnose and treat important diseases/illnesses including those involving internal medicine, traumatology, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, geriatrics, sense organs (EENT), and addictionology.

  7. Have the ability to provide care for the maintenance of health, treatment of disease, and rehabilitation for the residuals of disease.

  8. Have the skill and knowledge and assessments necessary to recognize when to refer patients to Western medical health care providers.
  9. Understand the concepts, assessments, and therapeutics of bio-medicine sufficiently to communicate effectively with patients and other health care practitioners.
  10. Be able to pass the National Certification Exam and the Florida State Licensure Examination.
  11. Have a clear understanding of the applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations regarding the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  12. Have a clear understanding of the meaning and responsibility of ethical practice as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician.
  13. Have sufficient knowledge to set up and manage a professional practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.